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Millions had waited for two years to understand how the Baker Street sleuth survived leaping from a London rooftop but after the minute drama some admitted they were even more confused.

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Last night Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock was reunited with Martin Freeman's Dr John Watson after the last series saw him seemingly plunging to his death after his nemesis Moriarty killed himself. But a series of explanations involving a bungee jump and another using a giant airbag and a squash ball left people none the wiser.

How did he do it?

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After two years of impatiently waiting, fans of Sherlock are still confused about how he managed to fake his own death. Theories: Did he use a dummy, was it Moriarty's corpse, did he jump onto an inflatable landing bed, fans of the show are still not sure. At the start of the episode, called The Empty Hearse, the first theory shown involved illusionist Derren Brown, who had hypnotised Watson after Sherlock jumped from the building using a bungee rope, bouncing back and smashing through a window.

The already dead Moriarty was put in a latex Sherlock mask and then lay dead at the scene. Later, a second explanation was shown, where viewers saw a dummy held by a rope being controlled by the detective, who sat happily with his nemesis Moriarty.

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The pair laughed as it fell to the ground and then appeared to try to kiss each other, although this was shown to be a light-hearted theory put forward by a Sherlock Holmes fan. Theory one: Sherlock was seen jumping off the building attached to a bungee rope before he bounced back up and smashed through a window.

Twist: The dead Moriarty is seen lying on the floor before a mask of his arch enemy Sherlock is fixed to his face.

Watson played by Martin Freeman was knocked to the ground, having just seen Holmes supposedly plunge to his death from a rooftop. Meanwhile, Derren Brown suddenly appears and hypnotises Watson, sending him to sleep.

Later Sherlock explained to former forensics officer Anderson, now a Sherlock obsessive, that he had jumped from the roof and landed on an inflatable landing pad, using an ambulance station to hide it from his best friend. As an army of helpers rushed the life-saving apparatus away, he was then made to look dead and placed a squash ball in his armpit to convince Watson his heart had stopped, claiming it hid his pulse.

Theory two: A dummy with Sherlock's face is thrown from the building while the character sits behind on the phone. Hoax: Moriarty, who had apparently not shot himself, sat next to his foe holding the rope while telling Watson he is about to kill himself. Strange: After the body was released the pair then laughed together about the trick before going in to kiss each other.

During the delusion, a lookalike corpse had already been laid out on the pavement; Sherlock took its place while Watson, who had been knocked over by a bicycle, was struggling to his feet. By tucking a squash ball under his arm, Holmes was able to cut off the pulse in his wrist and feign death. Theory three: Sherlock sent the text 'Lazarus' from the roof kickstarting a chain of events that would see him jump but not die.

Soft landing: The detective landed on an inflatable pad that had been unfurled by helpers to cushion his fall. Hidden: Sherlock had chosen his landing area carefully, using a spot where an ambulance station had hidden it from view. Clever: The sleuth was covered in blood and had placed a squash ball in his armpit, apparently hiding his pulse from Watson, leaving his friend convinced he was dead. On top of the fake suicide theories, the storyline also included a plot to blow up Parliament on Guy Fawkes Night.

A Tube train packed with explosives was placed under Westminster, which Holmes and Watson managed to track down and diffuse using a switch.

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It also included a tender moment where Sherlock tricked Watson into thinking he would die so he would accept his apology for not telling him he was alive. Bu t despite enjoying the episode, many were st ill disappointed that they still di d know how h e faked the death fall. Explosive conclusion: Sherlock and Watson found a bomb, which Holmes convinced his friend he did not know how to diffuse. Drama: Showing what would happen if the explosion happened, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben were seen bursting into flames and then collapsing. Last night fans on Twitter were quick to react as it emerged the solutions appeared to be just more theories.

There he was told that several of his close friends would be assassinated if he failed to commit suicide. After issuing this warning, Moriarty shot himself in the mouth and appeared to die. Holmes then had a brief mobile phone conversation with Watson, before stepping off the building pictured above. Viewers saw Holmes fall several storeys, before lying in a bloodied heap on the pavement, with blood trickling from his head.

As Watson rushed to the scene, he was knocked over by a bicycle. By the time he arrived, the bloodied Holmes, who seemed to have no pulse, was being whisked away by paramedics. Yet just a few scenes later, as Watson visits the grave of his best friend, viewers see that Holmes is in fact alive and well. Derren Brown!? Another fan wrote: 'OMG, he actually has filmed the theories!

And ever the trouper, Derren Brown himself tweeted: 'Pleased you enjoyed my cameo By the end of the 1hr 25min episode, the Twitter reaction was positive. Earlier, the show's co-creator, Steven Moffat, said making up theories was 'much more fun than being told' and his partner on the show, Mark Gatiss, admitted the hype from the fans put pressure on them to come up with a suitable solution.

He said: 'We knew right from the start how we were going to do it. Derren Brown was not the only guest star in the show, with Cumberbatch's parents Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham also appearing. The pair, who are both professional actors, played Holmes' mother and father in a scene in Baker Street. Cumberbatch said he was 'so proud of them' but admitted 'it was kind of nerve-wracking'.

He said: 'They're Equity card carrying members but you know it was nerve-wracking because they are actors as well and yet they were brilliant and they were fantastic. A total of 9. By comparison, the first ever episode had 7. Elaine may have died of pneumonia, but she was weakened by cancer. Elaine wrote the Molly Doyle series, starting with Dealing in Murder. Here's the information about her series. Louise Ure offered to take me to lunch, and we met up with Elaine, and two other friends of Louise's. Thank you to Louise for giving me the opportunity to meet this woman, known as Evil E in the mystery world.

She blogged about the mystery community with a great deal of humor. The mystery world will miss Elaine Flinn. Elaine Flinn and Louise Ure. But one patient in particular, celebrity actor Ralph Meier, has pushed things to the limit. After a disasterous vacation at Meier's beach house, Marc's family will never be the same, and his account of the events will have you riveted. Declan is fed up with life's complications, people's expectations, and other complexities of existence. He decides to set sail on the Pacific in his boat, The Plover. All he wants is to be alone and unencumbered, to live a simple life on the sea with no destination in mind.

But things don't turn out as planned.

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His first companion is an unwanted seagull, whom he grudgingly befriends As the cast of colorful characters grows, the adventure begins. Doyle's prose is amusing, at times profound, full of wonder, and always thoroughly enjoyable. The Plover is a delightful novel--it is a one-of-a-kind south seas adventure--but also an exploration of the interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

It pays homage both to the ocean and to the human spirit, in their vast, mysterious, ever-changing beauty. Anyone who has any affinity for this marvelous city will appreciate this fascinating account of how a tiny little village in the 's grew into a great power of the golden age, and how some of the ideas and values that first appeared there have carried forward to affect many aspects of the governments and economies of today.

The writing flows so naturally and the historical tidbits are so interesting that it is a surprisingly fast read! When Clay loses his high-tech programming job, he decides to take the late shift at a curious bookshop that is open 24 hours. Once he begins working there he realizes that it is more curious than he first thought-- most of the "customers" are regulars, but no one ever seems to actually buy a book.

Clay decides to find out what is really going on, and thus begins an intriguing and fun adventure that is full of surprises.

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Now he has decided to give it a try. It is a hearbreaking and heartwarming story, I highly recommend it. Benjamin Constable yes, the main character shares the same name as the author is an English writer living in Paris who becomes the unwitting participant in a very unusual treasure hunt. It begins when he comes home one day and is horrified to find a suicide letter from his good friend Tomomi Ishikawa, otherwise known as Butterfly. Certain information in the letter leads him to embark on a trail of mysterious clues, hidden notebooks, and strange coincidences.

The notebooks tell disturbing stories, and both Benjamin and the reader begin to wonder where fact and fiction meet. One of the things I loved about this book was that the characters were funny and endearing, despite the dark psychological thriller aspects of the story. It is a book that keeps you guessing right up until the end. This book is a great way to learn about the life and art of Frida Kahlo. Using a blend of creative fiction, biographical facts, and some tasty sounding traditional Mexican recipes, Haghenbeck brings us a vibrant rendition of Frida's life.

Although she was plagued by crippling health problems, her passionate and colorful personality comes through. We learn of the near fatal bus accident that greatly influenced her life, her tumultuous marriage to the well known artist Diego Rivera her second "great accident," according to Frida , and her various friendships and affairs with the likes of Georgia O'Keefe, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Leon Trotsky, and Nelson Rockefeller.

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This is one of the the thought-provoking questions being explored in John Boyne's touching story of two boys who become soldiers in World War I. This book drew me in from the first page, it opens as Tristan Sadler is traveling to meet the sister of Will Bancroft, his friend who died in France during the war. There are things Tristan would like to tell her about how Will died, but he is not sure if he will be able to tell her the whole truth.