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I am as always interested in continuing to serve my environment in the multitude of ways in which I do, as well as new ways however I can. Share, share, share!

Help me meet my goal! I am asking for you all to invest in me as to invest in yourself. Those of you who really know me, know that my life is continuously dedicated to being in service of others, which is what I do best. By meeting my goal, I believe I will make it through this new chapter in a healthy and empowered way and will be able to continue my mission on this Earth as God intends. I am so honored and grateful for your Love and Support! He wore a traditional style costume that included tasseled leg covering from the knee down to his ankle.

Although the tassels were sold as flame retardant, the costume item caught fire and engulfed his leg in seconds.

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Fire safeties were not able to stop the fire from leaving 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his left leg and both hands. Mark was transported by Helicopter to University Medical Center in Las Vegas and has been there receiving treatment including 2 surgeries to remove dead skin and encourage healing. Because Mark does not have insurance he has to stay at the UMC in order to receive treatment.

This has made 3 very long, lonely, painful weeks for Mark and he is told he may return in approximately a week.

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Even after he comes home to Salt Lake City he faces months of PT and continued treatment that he will have to travel to Las Vegas to receive. Mark has always been a person to show up for others. Either by helping them create a magical fire performance, handyman work, random projects around the house or just to brighten someones's day with a special treat, flowers or compliment. We who are raising fund on his behalf ask that you give in any of the following ways. Donate generously to this campaign. Donate food or necessities directly to him upon his return.

Help with errands and chores. Share this on Facebook and to email contacts. Send out love and support.

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As you can imagine with no insurance, no possibility to work as walking will be difficult for a while and already coming off a slow spring work season to boot, he will need to raise a considerable amount of money to stay in the game of life. Mark's healing journey will be a long one and with your support burden will be eased.

Funds raised here again will mostly go to medical bills and immediate needs to get him home and set up at his house with supplies and care. Although this experience has been incredibly harrowing, he is grateful that he wasn't hurt worse and that he has the opportunity to recover with the help of his family, friends and community.

Mark's positive spirt and attitude will surely help as well! You have his word he will work hard everyday to come back to his full potential.

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Thank you in advance for your love and support. Feel free to ask any of the team members questions about what is needed and for updates. Don't scroll down if you don't want to see them. Donations 0.

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Nathan Richardson. Emilee Berg. NO portion of this web site all pages and graphics , may be copied and reproduced in part, or full in any fashion - this includes web sites, galleries, text, costumes, acts and mailing lists. Home Acts Fire performers and fire shows fire dancers.

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