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Pick from a variety of funky stickers or color tags to let events either pop or feel connected. Pay a visit to our web or twitter if you're curious for more. This time we're primarily focusing on support for iOS 13, but we've also done a tweak to the timeline to make it more user friendly while scrolling through open stacks.

Want to make that meeting hot pink? Got a trip coming up? Add a sticker to it. But the best part is how Vantage sorts your days into stacks so you can visualize how much is on your plate. It is very clean, unique, and easy to read. I like that it is compatible with iPad as well. The look and feel of the app is such a big deal to me, which is why I bought the full version very shortly after downloading.

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Also, if you were able to pick a particular font for your default font it makes me not want to use the feature so much because you have to click it each time along with changing the default font size. One last thing, I feel that the to-do books could use some of the same originality and customization options that the calendar does. Other than those couple of things you guys have made a really great app! I have used iPhone native calendar, google calendar, and planner pro over the years.

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I found this, stumbled onto this app, and thought I would check it out. Frankly I liked the graphite clean look of the screen I found in the App Store and thought I would check it out. Wow what a neat app. By the way they give you free access to begin with so you can try them all out, they call it points, when you get to zero points you have to make a decision as to whether you want to unlock all the features by paying the one time fee.


Needless to say I paid one time fee and I am quite happy with what the app does. The only issue I am having, it is probably not the app, I am having a bit of a battery drain issue. I am running an iPhone 6 with a replaced battery. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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  • Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics: Papers from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics. Volume V: Ann Arbor, Michigan 1991.
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  • App Store Preview. The most sensible thing in this particular facet, though, is the positioning of the buttons for the adjustable suspension and driving mode on the steering. Many other sports cars still place them on the centre console. The two most immediate evidence are the infotainment system and column stalk.

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    And it really shows in this new Vantage. It never feels breathless at any rate and always feel eager to rev and punch with authority when you want it to, just like in that AMG.

    2019 Aston Martin Vantage: A beautiful and thrilling 195 mph sports car - Review

    With hp of power to play around with, the Vantage easily has the pace to make itself feel faster than other comparable rivals. In the typical fashion of Aston, the three-step drive selector in the Vantage has been nicely programmed to ensure a layered transition in throttle response, exhaust noise and intervention of stability control. The suspension can also be adjusted at three levels, but the softest setting is best for Thai road even when driving the Vantage fast. Even so, the eight-speeder works well by operating smoothly at city speeds and shifting swiftly through the cogs when driven enthusiastically on demanding roads.

    But the tyre harshness and wind noise, seemingly generated by those sexy-looking side mirrors, start to irritate at some point when driven flat out. Worse, a windshield wiper popped up in our test car at extra-fast pace. Sure, it could be a case by case thing, but it happened, to the fright of the driver.

    Glitches aside, the Vantage is fun to drive. Apart from a storming performance, the Vantage has a nicely tailored steering weight and some really feelsome brakes. As well, it handles neatly in corners by having good front end bite and a small degree of rear-end chuckability.

    Soar high above the Southern Alps, Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier with Vantage Helicopters.

    The Vantage is a proper sports car, unlike those pretentious coupes mentioned earlier. Having just two seats with some boot space behind in a sports car might not be an issue for some enthusiasts. But there are hardly any driving aids, with the most being parking sensors. Thankfully, though, the Vantage has decent all-round view and begs you to drive and enjoy the car fully on your own.

    Priced at 17 million baht, the Vantage costs more than its intended opposition.

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    But in return, you get a sensual-looking, powerful and entertaining car to drive wherever you need to go.